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saki050 The Handsome Family
Honey Moon CD/LP $11

saki046 Speck Mountain
Some Sweet Relief CD/LP $11

saki045 The Handsome Family
Drunk By Noon 7" $11

(Side A: Drunk By Noon, Side B: The Blizzard)
saki044 The Bitter Tears
Jam Tarts In The Jakehouse CD/LP $11

wbeatz002 Wee Hairy Beasties Holidays Gone Crazy CD $11
wbeatz001 Wee Scary Beasties
Creepy Lullabies
Double 7" $8

saki043 Darling Downs From One To Another CD/LP $11
saki042 KatJonBand KatJonBand CD/LP $11
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saki041 Antietam Opus Mixtum DOUBLE CD $13
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saki041 Antietam Opus Mixtum TRIPLE LP $20
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saki040 The Handsome Family
Last Days of Wonder CD $11
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saki039 The Darling Downs
How Can I Forget This Heart of Mine?
CD $11

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—The DDs stand out as the most unlikely of collaborations between longtime members of the fertile Australian rock scene. While it is not at alll insane to imagine the driving force behind SCIENTISTS, BEASTS OF BOURBON & SURREALISTS, KIM SALMON, working with DIED PRETTY's energetic frontman and songwriter RON PENO, the improbable happens when you consider the result that might flow from such a teaming. What are the odds that these two towering figures of Australian music, famous for swaggering, noisy, swampy punk rock (Salmon) & soaring pop rock (Peno) would concoct such a perfect loveletter to American country folk? Armed only with Kim Salmon's custom Cole Clark acoustic guitar and Peno's singular voice & vision, The Darling Downs crafted an almost impossible album: a record of nuanced beauty, a subtle masterpiece that unfolds like a dahlia with each successive spin, giving the listener something new & unexpected at every helping. All from two guys & one pristine guitar. At times Peno channels the spirit of Appalachian folk's high lonesome sound, complete with yips, yelps & howls, while elsewhere his (improvised?!) vocals are hypnotically understated, almost delicate--threatening to disappear into thin air before crashing down like thunder. Supporting Peno's acrobatic vocal brilliance is Salmon's equally understated, elegant guitar playing, perhaps the most restrained of his career, made all the more stunning when you know the fireworks & growl of which he is capable & for which he is famous. Salmon showcases not only his versatility but playing of such surprisingly refined grace that it defines the album as one of the best listens of 2006. An album of profound subtlety. "With Salmon often infusing the guitar lines with deft lilts & melodies, grasping each song is sometimes as difficult as interpreting a smoke signal in a storm, the ever-shifting qualities of the music making it difficult to categorize. The experience mesmerizes."ŠThe Age (AU). NO AUSTRALIA

saki038 Megan Reilly Let Your Ghost Go CD $11
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—Second album from NY via Memphis singer/songwriter maintains the sense of understated elegance that was apparent on her debut "Arc of Tessa" but leaps light years ahead in melody, musicianship & craftsmanship, outstripping normal expectations for sophomore albums. Her band of aces, TONY MAIMONE (PERE UBU), STEVE GOULDING (MEKONS, GRAHAM PARKER, LAURA CANTRELL), TIM FOLJAHN (TWO DOLLAR GUITAR, CAT POWER) & ERIC MORRISON (HOME) are augmented by amazing guest performances by Ted Reichman (MARC RIBOT, EMIGRE, TZADIK) on accordion, James Mastro (Ian Hunter, Health & Happiness Show) on guitar, & Jean Cook (Ida, Assif Tsahar) on violin & the perfectly chosen SUE GARNER & JOHN MCENTIRE behind the boards. Megan struggles with ghosts, both personal & distant, over 10 country tinged tracks. The album is sprinkled with two ideal covers, including Dylan's "The Wedding Song" that she was born to sing. "Jaw-dropping."-Maxim

saki037 Antietam Victory Park CD $11
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—Long, LONG awaited new album from long time Lousiville/NYC rockers shows them as energetic as ever with a sharpened focus on melody on their seventh LP. Produced by Tara Jane O’Neil. “Tara Key is the feeling person’s guitar hero – capable of tearing fist-sized chunks from your soul with every ecstatic rush of notes – and it’s utterly baffling that her face doesn’t adorn the back of denim jackets around the land. It’s been a while since she and breath-stealing partners Tim Harris and Josh Madell hit a stage in these parts, so you can bet the pent-up energy alone will blow the doors off their home stage.” -Village Voice

saki036 Handsome Family Singing Bones CD $11
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—On their most adventurous album yet & their best since 1998's "Through the Trees", Brett & Rennie Sparks have outdone themselves. Songs about haunted Wal-Marts, lovers who chase the fire in streetlights, very VERY deep holes & the shadows that whisper inside of modern office building all give full voice to an eerily hopeful edge that has seeped into their music over the last year or so. A surprisingly low body count album, or as low as we're likely to get, is meant to rip a tear in the veil between this world & the next. Musically, Brett's weeks and months in their home studio show though. He learned pedal steel & musical saw & his compositions are embellished w/trumpet, mandolin, bowed bass & violin from local Albuquerque musicians. While "Twilight" was almost universally hailed from Uncut, Mojo, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Greil Marcus & Robert Christgau, critics & listeners will be purely ecstatic over "Singing Bones"!

saki035 The Naysayer Pure Beauty MCD $9
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—"Padgett’s songs make their own world, and that world is not quite like any other.” -Brooklyn Rail. New 5 song EP finds Anna Padgett & bandmate Cynthia Nelson (RETSIN, RUBY FALLS, SOPHIE DRINKER) exploring timeless questions amid playfully blatant countrified melodies & a newfound confidence. Matt Sutton (Marlarkies, K), Karla Schickele (Ida, K., Beekeeper) & Miggy Littleton (Ida, K.) provide a musical posse that rounds out the normally spare duo w/pedal steel, violin, extra guitars & even bass. From the spiritual to the sublime, love, lust and loss comingle in this joyous celebration of the art of the well turned phrase, both musical & lyrical.

saki034 Megan Reilly Arc of Tessa CD $11
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—One of Harp Magazine's Top Nine Emerging Songwriters: "There's nothing astonishing in her background to suggest she would be destined for the greatness of ner debut album, 'Arc of Tessa'...Incredible musical potential." New York by way of Memphis singer/songwriter who has managed to corral a fantastic backing band incl. Tim Foljahn (guitar, lap steel, mandolin-TWO DOLLAR GUITAR, CAT POWER), Steve Goulding (drums-MEKONS, GRAHAM PARKER, WACO BROS, ARCHER PREWITT), Tony Maimone (bass-PERE UBU, GARY LUCAS) & Eric Morrison (piano, rhodes-HOME, LEELS) & help on the album from CHRIS LEE (Smells Like). Picture postcards of physical or emotional time underpinned by roots tinged music executed w/soulful & subtle perfection by masters. Megan's voice radiates languid southern indolence but can also bite just as quickly & strongly. As close to perfect as any record CTR has released. Hints of Opal, Patsy Cline, Cowboy Junkies, Lucinda Williams, Mazzy Star.

saki 033 The Coctails - Popcorn Box - 3 CD Set $25

—Three CD box set includes material from their entire oeuvre including many studio songs that never found a place on an album, like the incredible, jazzy Skeleton Bones with Robert from QUINTRON and MATH. Many much-requested tracks from their first two vinyl albums, Hip Hip Hooray and Here Now Today that were not included on The Early Hi-Ball Years. Songs from their singles on Hi-Ball, Telstar, SOL, and Insipid Vinyl, including their live favorite, Penguin/Powerhouse Raymond Scott medley, their version of the Devo Corporate Anthem, and their cover of the garage rock nugget Why used to close their live sets. Also includes the entire Hello Records EP, which held some of their most alluring work, previously only available to subscribers of the short-lived service from They Might Be Giants. 56 songs over 3.2 hours, all lovingly remastered, almost all from original source tapes! 52pp perfect bound book full of liners & memorabilia wrapped in eye-popping popcorn box! 21 tracks previously unreleased on CD! plus 12 previously unreleased tracks!!

saki032 The Naysayer Heaven, Hell, or Houston CD $11
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—A good song can be deadpan, cutthroat, heartbreaking. A good song can be perverted and romantic and crestfallen in the same breath. On their new album, The Naysayer delivers 12 such songs that will make you laugh out loud, rethink everyday gestures, and hit "play" again. Deathwhisker (saki024), the debut Naysayer record, showed newcomer-to-music Anna Padgett to be an instinctive and talented songwriter. Here, the songwriter/guitarist/singer shows she's not a one-stop visitor: like a good novelist, her powers of observation & ability to cut to the heart of things are growing year to year. Cynthia Nelson's (Retsin, Ruby Falls) un-drummer drumming, mischievous angel singing, and strangely beautiful melodic additions are also in full flower, while Tara Jane O'Neil (Retsin, Rodan) provides the inimitable guitar and bass work and finely-honed engineer skills that tie it all together. Everything about this album feels more assured - the singing, the playing, the production, the bitter sarcasm - more assured, but still like a rare, fleeting thing that's hard to label. It reveals its strong Texas roots and the spirit of the title's ZZ Top reference: it's got backroads and beer drinking (whether mentioned or not, the beer's there) as well as a healthy dose of sex, but the Naysayer is not down-home, porch-sitting country. More Flannery O'Connor than Mark Twain, The Naysayer has a darker agenda and vision, with elements of a southern gothic novel infused w/classic pop music.

saki031 Tall Dwarfs The Sky Above The Mud Below CD $12
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—Pioneers of that whole damned permutating scene down there in New Zealand, Chris Knox & Alec Bathgate, team up again for their first US release since (Oh my!) 1990's "Weeville." Their belated adoption of digital technology has allowed our duo to explore new avenues in their cut n paste experimental pop world much to our benefit. Weird pop songs made from a cutting guitar & some of the most unlikely samples make up their best work to date. Included is a bonus EP from the International Tall Dwarfs, featuring music help from JAD FAIR, GRAEME DOWNS (VERLAINES), JEFF MANGUM (NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL) & LAURA CARTER (ELF POWER), & DAVID & HAMISH KILGOUR (CLEAN).

saki030 Duplex Planet Radio Hour DCD $14
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—Comprised of two, one hour performances by creator David Greenberger from a short series commissioned by & presented at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn Heights, New York in 1994, and broadcast on WNYC, New York Public Radio. Longtime friend, supporter & collaborator Terry Adams of NRBQ put together a stellar band including Tom Ardolino (NRBQ), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Tyrone Hill & Dave Gordon (Sun Ra Arkestra, NRBQ), Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, John Zorn’s Masada), Jake Jacobs (Magicians, Jake & the Family Jewels) & Karen Mantler (ECM solo artist) & wrote & performed original music. David, with assistance from actors Lili Taylor & Tom Gilroy, read two themed one-hour shows. Disc One explores Music while Disc Two explores Love & Relationships, all through the eyes of the residents of the Duplex Nursing Home, frequently with an insightfully humorous edge. "Modern-day versions of Chaucer’s reports from the road to Canterbury; they resonate with a wry humor & a startling insight.”-– New York Times

saki029 Amor Belhom Duo Wavelab CD OUT OF PRINT
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saki028 Amor Belhom Duo-S/T CD OUT OF PRINT
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saki027 Handsome Family Twilight CD $11

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—Welcome to The Handsome Family's fifth CD—a half-lit world of golden street lights, haunted parking lots, & invisible birds. In part, a farewell to Chicago where The Handsome Family have lived for the last twelve years. Recalls the near-darkness of night in the city where the flickering TVs & traffic lights hide the sky above. They write some of the most gripping songs in recent memory, with Rennie supplying the hypnotic lyrics and Brett the slightly quirky, classic country music. On their latest album, you hear guitar, banjo, piano, musical saw, accordion, Autoharp, and melodica as well as a mismatched array of mostly live cymbals and drums. Most combine beautiful, almost lilting melodies with lyrics that often paint modern fairy tales full of fright, despair, death, & alienation. While their trademarks are still intact, there is actually a glimmer of light in the darkness this time around. Perhaps the saddest song ever written, “Passenger Pigeons”, is now offset by songs with small rays of hope & happy nostalgia.

saki026 Archer Prewitt Gerroa Songs MCD $10
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—8 song minialbum (27min) recorded in an old, haunted nunnery on the beach in Australia in 1999. Simple, delicate & windswept music that mirrors the recording environment that even captured the thrum of insects & wind and ocean noise in the background. Incl. 4 wonderful Aussie musicians plus strings by SUSAN VOELZ (Poi, Prewitt). Comes in deluxe, full color, high gloss 5" slipcase with full color innersleeve.

saki025 Retsin Cabin in the Woods CD $11
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—Tara Jane O'Neil (SONORA PINE, RODAN, Quarterstick) & Cynthia Nelson (NAYSAYER, RUBY FALLS) recorded their new album at a cabin in the woods in upstate NY. They've finally found a recorded vehicle for their quirky, emotional pop songs filled with somber beauty and echoes of wood. Banjo, flute, accordion, violin, & old English ballad sounds float, appear, and dissolve into the ether. An anathema for fast times, this record offers porch-settin' as an antidote for our speedy society. Guest appearances by Karla & Ida of IDA.

saki024 The Naysayer Deathwhisker CD $11
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—High brow, introspective bedroom smart-pop album from Cynthia Nelson (RETSIN, RUBY FALLS) who plays drums, sings, plays guitar, recorder, harmonica and melodica, and newcomer Anna Padgett who writes and sings the words and plays guitar.

saki023 Handsome Family In the Air CD $11
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—Rising out of the shadowy forest, & up into a world of gypsy moths, circling crows, & seeds in the wind. Fireflies in the summer night, rocks rolling uphill, clothes thrown in the snow, whispering waves, & milky moonlight all find themselves circling the night sky of the Handsome Family's latest effort. Murder & love, terror & serenity, sadness & joy— all of these feelings float like leaves lingering a moment within the tracks of In the Air. It exudes the fragile beauty of handwoven lace covering the bloody corpse of your long lost love who's been disemboweled by a wolf pack; a record that doesn't shy away from the essential bittersweetness of human life.

saki022 Archer Prewitt White Sky CD $11
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—Elegant pop rock from ex-Coctail, current Sea & Cake member and Sam Prekop sideman. While “White Sky” continues in the same vein as “In The Sun”, it is most undoubtedly the work of a more mature, more focused, reflective and confident singer, songwriter, musician and arranger. The album moves from lush, fully orchestrated pop through strong driving rock cuts and bittersweet, introspective, Nick Drake-ish ballads.

saki021 Retsin Sweet Luck of Amaryllis CD $11
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Temporarily Out of Print

—Well-travelled folk poppers who land firmly & unconditionally in the melodic folk pop camp. Giving birth to an absolutely gorgeous blend of mostly downtempo, sparse acoustic numbers garnished just so, with lilting flute harmonica & small bits of wonderful effects wizardry, & mid-tempo electric tunes that hit just the right groove while remaining close cousins to their acoustic counterparts that dominate the album.

saki020 Handsome Family Through the Trees CD $11
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—Showcases their beautiful, gothic songs in more traditional country or Appalachian folk vein. Critically hailed.

saki019 February Tomorrow Is Today CD OUT OF PRINT

saki017 Flowchart Cumulus Mood Twang CD - OUT OF PRINT

saki016 Handsome Family Invisible Hands MLP - OUT OF PRINT

saki015 Archer Prewitt In the Sun CD $11
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—Debut solo album from Coctails, Sea and Cake, Sam Prekop band member. A pop masterpiece.

saki014 Samarai Celestial-Cosmic Gold Millennium CD

saki013 Coctails Live at Lounge Ax, Chicago CD $11
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—19 songs, 8 non-lp tracks, with some never before released. A sweeping “best of” done live recorded at their last show! Studio quality sound by Bob Weston as well, so fear not.

saki012 Flowchart Evergreen Noise is Flexible 12” EP OUT OF PRINT

saki011 Handsome Family Milk & Scissors CD $11
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—Fans of their unique, urban twist on stark, avant garde country music are definitely the beneficiaries in this instance. Song writing and performance are leaps ahead of the charming wackiness of “Odessa” has receded into the distance, a darker, blacker, and much drier humor has risen in it’s place. For influences, see: Kafka, Cohen, Carter Family, Flying Burritos, Hank Sr., Louvin Bros, Neil Young and the Everly Brothers. This is a GREAT record if we do say so ourselves.

saki010 Coctails-S/T CD $11
download albums here (find respective album)

—A definite maturing in the band’s musical sensibility, execution, vision, & cohesion and a major leap from their previous efforts. Their almost constant touring since "Peel" came out honed their already keen pop breadth and depth to razor sharpness on this offering. It’s composed of ballads, some flat out rockers, some somber, almost folky Nick Drake-ish numbers, a pump organ funereal dirge, & of course a few well-crafted catchy pop tunes with the kind of flair that only they can muster. Recorded with Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants), Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns) & by themselves on a four track in their loft.

saki009 Samarai Celestial Isis Sun CD

saki008 Flowchart Multi-Personality Tabletop Vacation CD

saki007 Slipstream-S/T CD $11
download on iTunes.

—Debut encompasses all things good about Brit pop. Mark Refoy (ex-Spacemen 3/Spiritualized) provides shoe-gazingrock, alluring vocals, hypnotic guitars ranging from pure acoustic jangle to washes of controlled fuzz, & killer rhythmic interplay between bass & drum kit. All backed by the everpresent melodic hook. Produced by Zion Train. Few left!

saki006 Disco Inferno In Debt CD

— Reissue compiles “Arc in Round” 7”, “Open Doors, Closed Windows” LP, & the “Science” 12”. Factoryesque, ethereal, gray, melancholic, dreamlike and compelling. “The best band on the planet.” Jamie T. Conway, Melody Maker

saki005 Handsome Family Odessa CD $11
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— Debut combines extra chunky guitar and bass lines for a grungy feel on some songs, while capturing a twisted, post-progressive country vibe, highlighted by Brett’s dry, low-key, Johnny Cash-style vocals, on others. Stories about giant ants, the Big Bad Wolf, ponies, gorillas & that old favorite, death.

saki004 Palm Fabric Orchestra Vague Gropings... CD

saki003 The Coctails Peel CD $11
download albums here (find respective album)

— Rockin’ album produced by Bob Weston (Shellac/Volcano Suns) & Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants)! Surefire pop gem after gem.

saki002 The Coctails Long Sound CD $11
download albums here (find respective album)

— Their most challenging album, originally released in 1993. An excellent instrumental garage "jazz-like" album with 4 untrained guys distilling their favorite bits of Mingus, Sun Ra & Miles into a cohesive work that was too rock for the jazz snobs & waaaay too jazz for the pop/rock crowd at the time. As usual, they were either way past their time, or way ahead of it.
From the liners: "A particular aesthetic that could fall somewhere between The Shaggs' masterpiece “Philosophy of the World” & Albert Ayler's “Spirits Rejoice". Features performances by KEN VANDERMARK on 3 songs, HAL RUSSELL (NRG ENSEMBLE) on 2 songs & are his final recordings, & Dave Max Crawford (ARCHER PREWITT, POI DOG PONDERING) on 2 songs. "Riveting in its intensity & refreshing, for these days, in its originality." — Cadence 8/94

saki001 The Coctails The Early Hi-Ball Years CD $11
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—Compiles selected tracks from the vinyl only, long out of print Hi•Ball releases 1990's “Hip Hip Hooray!”, 1991's “Here Now Today” & the ever charming “Songs for Children” 7”EP, plus unreleased stuff only available here. The release that started this whole mess.

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